Global Couple Life

A virtual community for couples who are
Location Independent Freelancers or Entrepreneurs (LIFE)

Happily bored with your partner?

Have you ever asked your partner, “How was your day?” Then realize, outside of their work, you already know the answer because you were with them all day. Or perhaps you work together and you already know that too.

We chatted with LIFE couples…
Here is what we’ve heard from other LIFE couples and why we decided to start this online community.

Global Couple LIFE is for couples who want to break the monotony of day-to-day life, deepen their connection, and meet like-minded couples.

“It’s only us”

Global Couple LIFE will have regular couple challenges to add variety to your life and strengthen your relationship

“We are so busy working on our businesses we have lost the love we once shared.”

Global Couple LIFE will have tips, tricks, recommendations for couple travel, and living worldwide

“Use the online space to facilitate in-person meetups.”

Our LIFE Story

How did our Global Couple LIFE begin…

In 2017 we left the US for world travel for the next 2 years we traveled around Europe. As we traveled we missed having fellowship with other couples. It was harder to roll into a city or country and meet people who understood us and what we did. Thus the idea for Global Couple LIFE began. We found that as we hung out with other couples both of us were happier just being able to share the common experiences and create new experiences together. Some of the founding members of GCL we met in Romania, Germany, Boston, and others we haven’t even met in real life, YET. We look forward to meeting you and your partner.

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By the way, this isn’t a swingers community or a replacement for marriage counseling.

We are a community of like-minded couples sharing our lives as we learn, grow, and support each other’s journeys in life.